What is Processing?

I am using Processing to create my audio system, but what is Processing?

” The Processing environment is written in Java. Programs writen in Processing are also translated to Java and then run as Java programs. Programs written in Java and Processing will usually run faster than programs based on scripting languages like ActionScript and Lingo, which is important for many graphics applications.

Large distinctions between Processing and Java are the Processing graphics library and a simplified programming style that doesn’t require users to understand more advanced concepts like classes, objects, or animation and double-buffering (while still making them accessible for advanced users). Such technical details must be specifically programmed in Java, but are integrated into Processing, making programs shorter and easier to read. In the comparison below, Java 1.1 syntax is used for the drawing functions and events because it is most compatible with displaying Java Applets on the web.”

That all sounds well and good but my programing skills are nothing to rave about and I origanaly thought this would be a problem, but with the help and brilliant teaching skills of Spencer I have picked it up and started running.

Its not as hard as I origanaly thought so long as you think in a logical way and rember to keep it simple. The Processing website and help sections are better than any help sections I have come accross.

I am over the moon with the fact that I understand and can use Processing.


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