Real or Imagination?

To add substance to the White Rabit instilation the character of Amy Noakes has been created in the real world. Her website has been created along with an amazon page showing her book ‘The Truth About Pink Cats and Purple Dogs’. Doing all of this means there is an opertunity for people to be familiar with Amy as a character before they visit the insitlation. This makes the reaction to the instilation feel more real and makes it more emotional.

It is planed to make the Amy Character apear more real but these plans have not yet been desided upon. The Amy Noakes website is

I have also added a real merchandice website to the amy site. People can buy Amy Noakes merchandice such as bags, pillows and clothing. This will help to blur the devide between reality and the imaginary of the instalation.

After discussions with Jen I have changed the Links page on the Amy Noakes site as they had links to me, my blog for this instalation as well as a link the the Huddersfield University. This gave the game away and so the links have been changed to links about fashion and amy’s favorate things.

To make people in Huddersfield believe that Amy is a new celebraty I am going to create some fly posters and place them around town. This should make people believe that she is a reall celebrity and I will monitor the statistics of the website to see if more people start to visit.

Turning Amy into a celebrity is an interesting experiment into the way our cluture views celebritys and how easy/hard it is for a person to become a celebrity.


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