Window of cues.

We have all grown up watching films and TV, this means that we have learnt to read and understand the cues we are given during these things. This means that we should all react in the same way when prompted with these cues.

For this part of my instalation im looking at the fear that these cues help to produce. I want the viewer of my instatlation to understand that this room he or she is emersed in is not a plesent place to be. Using the cues created in horror films and other fear inducing shows. I have created a flim that will be projected as the window to my instalation.

The film inclueds oddly coloured and moveing clouds, thunder and a hart beat. These images and sounds are used in contempory horror films to signify that bad things are about to happen to the characters. The clouds wipping past shows time passing. The sky changing colour shows danger. Thunder makes people jump and also signifys bad things are about to happen as does the hart beat.

Using Adobe Premiar, the assistance of my good friend and video guru Paul Oxborough, and so footage of some clousds floating by. We started by inverted the clouds so that they took on a yellow/brown colour. We then slowed the footage down and cut it into parts so that with inverting and copying parts we made the clouds pulse. This effect has made the clouds take on an odd ink/smoke affect that makes you wonder if they realy are clouds. We then took a suround sound stock recording of a thunder rumbal and added that to the track. Then adding in a hart beat to sincronise with the pulsing of the clouds.

The hole track was the copyed and flipped so that the clouds go one way and then back again. This means that complieted film can be played on a loop seamlessly.

The original plan was to create rain on a window. We filmed water hitting a clear glass shower cubical however because we had to zoom into the cubacal to eliminate the background and to focuse on the drips. This ment that when the footage was shown on a large screen the rain drops were very large and the window is to be projected bigger than the TV we tested it on this means that the rain drops would be drematicly out of proportion and so making the instalation less beliveable.

We also tryed placing the rain over the clouds we had produced. This also did not work as because we could not remove the background to the rain the effect was as tho the window was very dirty and needed cleaning. The rain drops were also out of proportion.

To finish of the cloud film we took it into Adobe After Effects and added an effect that made the film look scratched, old and lined. It also makes the film jump occasionaly which gives the impression of a subliminal image being flashed up on the screen.

The hole effect reflects the cues that can be seen in the films I was aiming to refelcet in creating this film. I look forward to seeing it instaled into my instalation.


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