Photo Frame

The anistial plan for the photo frame was to have a digital photo frame that showed an image of Amy but randomly flashed up words such as ‘kill’ and ‘die’. These words would only be shown for a spit second.

I experimented using Flash to create this effect and I also explored ways to physcaly produce the photo frame. However after discussions I have desided that to include the photo frame will stop the instalation from looking beliveable.

The areas that I explored to create the physical photo frame were:

• Buying a digital photo frame from ebay. However these are very expensive and were ranging into the £100 and I felt that the storker would not have such an expensive thing in his room.

• Buy a Juice Box personal media player from ebay. They play MP3’s and Videos as well a JPEG slide shows. However the screen is only 3inc and does not run Flash. This means that I would have to create a video for it and so could not have the random element.

I also had trouble making the words in Flash appear randomly. I produced a mock up to show how the photo frame would look once I had created it. (I have attached it to this page)

The photo frame will not be used in the instalation.


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