Audio System

To Start
The first idea was to use a web-cam to spot the people moving in the room this was to access a program that randomly selected an audio file I had created and then play it though one of the six speekers randomly. This system would have used would be Processing using the JMyron (WebCamXtra) and then linking into Pure Dater (PD) to access the audio system and speekers.


After playing a round with JMyron I discovered with the help of Rob Lycett that a different Processing library would be better that was called Blobb Detector. After changing some off its settings it ment that a webcam could track a persons movements and draw a line around there shape as well as a bounding box.


After speeking to Rob again and Spencer the system has become even more simple. We disscussed what it was that I wanted and we I decided that if the system recored and then played back the audio but backwards that this would be a lot ‘freekyer’ than the system playing a library of sounds. This ment that the system could be made to be alot simpler as instead of detecting a person and then there movement all that was needed was to see if something or someone had moved. Therefor instead of using a webcam Spencer told me of a burgelar alarm/door bell that you can get from B&Q this has a PIR sensor in it and when it detects movement it playes a sound. This can be wired into the audio port of a computer and then used in Processing to start the recording system using the library called Sonia. The audio then needs to be reversed and played back.

Wireing up

I got the alarm/door bell from B&Q and Spencer and I opened it up. We cut the speeker wires and have soldered them to two new wires. These two new wires were then soldered to an audio jack. We then tested my new sensaw by plugging it into the audio in on my laptop and checked we were getting audio on the system preferences panel. Success we do. I then re-asembaled the alarm/door bell and cut a hole in the side of it so the cables could come out of it easyly. Im all ready for programming Processing now.

Proccessing and its little hick-ups.

I have been amazed at how easy it is to create a something using programing. However I have hit some code hick-ups. (for the code please click here)

For some reason the audio will not play back. I have placed a question on the Processing forum but I have not had a reply todate.


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